The fundamental choices for leading a healthy life

The fundamental choices for leading a healthy life post thumbnail image

What does a healthy life mean to you? I guess the first answer that came to your mind is a life without disease, without pain and without suffering.

This is normal, but if you think about it, health is something much more complex than simply the absence of disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) already defined health in 1948 as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not as the mere absence of disease or disability.

Health is therefore not an end in itself but rather a means by which we can live a richer and fuller life.

Health is a resource, not a condition to be conquered but a positive concept that makes life easier, beautiful and complete .

Confirming how complex health is and depends on multiple factors are the results of the famous Study of Adult Development , a study that has lasted for about 80 years and which has confirmed that quality of emotional relationships is one of the factors that most affects health and quality of life in general.

What contributes to good health

But if health is not a goal but a means, a tool to live an extraordinary life, we must not forget what it indicates on it.

Research has today clearly indicated that the lifestyle we adopt, that is the choices daily that we make , have a role fundamental in promoting the health or favoring the development of a long series of diseases .

Heart attack, cancer, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases, are all examples of diseases that have strong connections with our approach to life , intended both on the physical and psychic and emotional level.

The risk of developing these pathologies does not increase only with the passing of the years but also, or perhaps better to say above all, with the low quality of the years that go by.

The more the person becomes a victim of wrong habits, the greater the risk of developing diseases and reducing the duration of life .

So what are the variables to focus on to live a life that is not only healthy but extraordinary, rich and full of opportunities?

A healthy diet

Since ancient times, man has understood that food can play a fundamental role in strengthening the body .

With the development of civilization, a problem that did not exist in the past has emerged .

Modern and industrial foods have become a source of disease and suffering as they generate real addictions and do not allow to control the quantity ingested.

Due to the rampant presence of foods made irresistible thanks to precise mixtures of sugar and fat or fat and salt, the percentage of overweight and obese people is incredibly high .

These people are at risk of developing many other problems including cardiovascular ones. Instead, the topic of nutrition is fundamental.

Doing constant physical activity

The history of mankind is made up of fatigue and physical work but today the life of each of us is mostly sedentary.

The practice of sport, however widespread, is not enough to replace the constant use of the body that we humans need to stay healthy.

Indeed, precisely because in our long evolutionary journey the possibility of being sedentary was almost absent, we have developed some behavioral traits that emphasize laziness and not doing nothing .

This used to guarantee that the rare times we could choose it, we would decide to stop and recover.

Today these behaviors remain prevalent but our freedom of choice is almost total and so many decide to lead totally sedentary lives .

Physical activity, like nutrition, is essential to keep the body and mind not only healthy but above all strong and active.

Avoid excesses and vices

Avoid tobacco, excessive alcohol: smoking and alcohol abuse are two behaviors with a devastating impact on health .

Very often these two bad habits are associated in the same person increasing markedly the risk to develop many diseases including those cardiocirculatory and numerous tumors .

Although the deleterious effects of smoking and alcohol have been known for decades, many people continue to smoke and drink and, above all, many young people become addicted to these substances every year.

One of the main reasons why this happens is linked to poor management of daily stress, personal, emotional and work tensions and the illusion that a cigarette and a glass of alcohol can represent a compensation, a moment of relaxation in a sea of ​​chaos.

The work obviously has to be done upstream, learning to better manage stressors and not feeling the need to resort to compensation .

Avoid compulsive behaviors

There are many other harmful and erroneous compulsive behaviors that we humans adopt in an attempt to perceive momentary well-being.

Drugs, gambling, video games, pornography, junk food are just some examples of behaviors that we find it difficult to control and that harm us.

Also in these cases the problem must be resolved in upstream , reducing the sense of necessity and finding satisfaction in the changes that we manage to introduce , thanks to behaviors more linear that make us rediscover the beautiful things of life .

Enjoy social relationships, increasing them

The quality of emotional relationships is directly related to the quality and duration of life .

More satisfying are our relationships and more healthy and happy we are .

Loneliness and the feeling of isolation are as bad as smoking and alcohol abuse and therefore we should strive to get out of these conditions and establish strong personal relationships based on trust. Trust is indeed a powerful antidote to stress .

Healthy and long life is a matter of choices

Deciding to change and improve your health is a good opportunity to impress a real and own turn to own life .

The key is awakening awareness and regaining control of own choices without waiting that it is the fear aroused by the diagnosis of a disease that makes us change behavior.

We must play ahead, act before it is truly inevitable and learn to manage the fundamental variables to enhance health .

What is at stake is an extraordinary, rich, beautiful and satisfying life . There aren’t many tools and learning them isn’t that difficult. Once acquired you will have powerful weapons at your disposal to protect your body, your mind and your life in general.

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