The benefits of preventive medicine

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Are you afraid of cancer that can grow silently day after day in your body?

Is it the heart attack that kills suddenly and without warning?

And what do you think about Alzheimer’s that clears your memories and clouds your mind? Or do you prefer diabetes that may lead to the amputation of a foot or leg?

I don’t want to provoke or bother you but I believe it is important that diseases are not only discussed in theory but perceived on an emotional level.

Still too many people think about health only when they have lost it .

Too many are afraid but they don’t use that fear to act intelligently, minimizing the risks.

Modern medicine has objectively made great strides in identifying increasingly effective treatments for many diseases.

But where does failure lie?

In the context in which the solution cannot come from medicine but from our personal behaviors.

In fact, when we talk about preventive medicine we put together two concepts that are very different:

  1. Early diagnosis : today we have many sophisticated tools available to anticipate the diagnosis and therefore decrease the mortality of many diseases.Radiological examinations, laboratory tests and even genetic evaluations are examples of tests that can be done to “see” the disease before it becomes symptomatic and make therapies more effective.

    Early diagnosis, although it is of fundamental importance, is unable to prevent. It is anticipated the diagnosis but does not reduce the risk of developing the disease.

    This mechanism works well but is not enough.

  2. Preventive lifestyles: for decades there have been scientific data that clearly demonstrate how true prevention depends on the lifestyle that each of us adopts.The change at this level is what allows a real reduction in the incidence of disease but does not depend on the doctor, on a prescription or on a technology but on an individual choice made on a scientific basis but supported by entirely personal emotional reasons .

Today we know that genetic factors are not decisive in the development of diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and Alzheimer’s and that lifestyle matters much more than life. person has adopted over time.

Smoking, eating badly, being sedentary, not knowing how to manage stress are examples of factors that heavily affect the quality of life and the risk of disease.

The good news is that most of the diseases that scare us can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle

Of course, the risk cannot be reduced to zero, but you are sure that it is not worthwhile to quit smoking, to eat a little less and above all much better, to rediscover the pleasure of moving your body and maybe to learn how to reduce stress?

All this that for many at first appears as a list of unnecessary and excessive sacrifices, turns into a series of beautiful habits , of gestures made for love just which by the way do not exclude the perception of pleasure at all.

In fact, pleasure can come from an excessive binge or from a feeling of lightness given by an excellent healthy meal.

Pleasure is dictated much more by gestures consistent with your values ​​rather than by the gesture itself .

For this reason, any type of change is entirely plausible and feasible quickly if you first of all change the value you attribute to your choices.

It’s never too late to change for the better. Each person can benefit if they stop smoking, start exercising, improve nutrition and the ability to manage stress .

The knowledge that science makes available to us is now a lot. But you can start with 3 simple habits:

  1. Eat less and better by increasing healthy vegetables, proteins and fats and cutting down on refined sugars and grains.
  2. Get moving every day by including an aerobic activity of duration and one of strength.
  3. Manage stress better by learning to meditate.

These simple gestures repeated over time can lead to enormous benefits and can become the basis of a path aimed at enhancing your health.

With my free course dedicated specifically to enhancement of health , you will know every aspect concerning your health , your ability of change , achieve goals and live a life more healthy and rich with satisfactions .

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