Lack of energy? Manage your forces better

Lack of energy? Manage your forces better post thumbnail image

Now there is no doubt: the lifestyle we adopt is closely linked with the risk of developing diseases. There are 4 factors that have the greatest impact on this risk and that can be modified by our choices:

  1. Power
  2. Smoking
  3. Alcohol
  4. Sedentary lifestyle

While many of us continue to delude ourselves that getting sick is just a matter of bad luck, the truth is that in most cases it is rather the rather mathematical result of a series of errors repeated over time that alter the expression of our genes through the mechanisms of epigenetic regulation.

Yes, of course there are also exceptions: people who live healthily but get sick anyway and others who smoke all their lives without any particular consequences.

However, this proves nothing except that the risk is not 100% controllable. It would be like deluding yourself that riding a car without a belt or a motorcycle without a helmet makes sense because every now and then someone is saved anyway. An absurd reasoning.

We know instead that correcting our habits and our lifestyle is essential to live better and get sick less. Research indicates that a healthy lifestyle leads to numerous benefits:

  1. Reduced risk of developing most diseases including heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases
  2. Increase in endurance, strength and agility
  3. Increased physical and mental energy
  4. Increased mood and self-confidence
  5. Increased resilience
  6. Increased lifespan

A healthy lifestyle is quite simple to adopt.

The first step is to eliminate the errors, the second is to introduce things that are good for us. Quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, resuming exercise on a regular basis are the very first steps necessary to eliminate behaviors that are clearly harmful from our lives.

In the nutritional field it is necessary to minimize the consumption of sugars, refined cereals, unhealthy fats and identify the correct amount of calories to ingest based on your consumption.

Focusing on vegetables, whole grains, fruit, healthy proteins such as fish and genuine fats such as extra virgin olive oil and nuts means ensuring an adequate intake of macro and micronutrients essential for our health.

Once we have regained confidence with physical movement, for example by regularly inserting fast walking, we could progressively approach a real workout trying, with the help of an expert, to understand which is the most useful form of exercise for our condition.

It should also be borne in mind that a healthy lifestyle enhances our energy, i.e. the ability to lead a productive, intense, satisfying and enthusiastic life , rather than dragging yourself passively from your desk to sofa.

A healthy lifestyle allows you to have constant energy and not have sudden drops followed by moments of agitation for example when we overdo the coffee to recover from fatigue .

Having physical and above all mental energy means being in control of your emotional states and your day, living it more fully and consciously.

Realizing that you are tired and lacking in energy is not difficult: physical and mental fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, drowsiness, easy distraction, nervousness, apathy, difficulty facing the day are signs that energy is at a minimum and that you need to do something for yourself.

When these symptoms occur it is always correct first of all to contact your doctor and do some tests.

However, if no particular problems arise, my experience leads me to suggest that you always start by improving your diet.

After all, food is our fuel and if we fill up with the wrong one, we risk worsening the situation.

Learning to eat better can really go a long way in improving your health and your life in general .

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion in the nutritional field and it is difficult to understand which are the really correct choices on a scientific level.

To overcome the confusion , exit from the deadlock and start a transform into better your diet and that of your family, I have created a specific course, Potential Nutrition .

In this course, which has already helped thousands of people, I teach you how to make changes fundamental on the scientific level, changes that are more simple than you think.

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